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How we produce our smoked specialities.
PFAU smoked specialities are not manufactured using typical mass production methods, but rather we employ a secret refinement of the natural curing process.

Mild with a full-flavoured taste - you can taste it on your tongue.

The manufacture of PFAU smoked specialities can be traced back to the farmers’ traditions in the Black Forest. The pigs were fed a grain mixture, cooked potatoes and green fodder for 12 months, and led out to the pastures to alleviate their stress. This gave their meat a healthy and strong colour.

Only the best meat quality, for example young beef from the organic pastures of directly neighbouring farms, as well as the skilled finishing process ensure PFAU continues to produce the most high-quality PFAU smoked specialities to this day.

Whether it is farmer’s bratwurst, Kirschwasser salami or Black Forest ham, Blutwurst sausage (black pudding) or liverwurst, smoked ham sausage or homemade tinned sausages - all PFAU specialities are made with pure natural herbs and spices - produced according to traditional recipes, handed down over the years, and which have hardly been altered for over 40 years.

The production of Pfau's fine smoked ham from the Black Forest is like that of a wine: in the same way that a distinction is made between a simple country wine and a fine cellared one, there are also significant differences in the smoking of ham. One is finished after 4-5 weeks and sometimes salty, while the other, for example, PFAU's fine smoked ham is based on good-quality meat and old recipes with pure natural herbs and spices - coriander, garlic, lovage, mustard seeds, double sifted and fresh juniper berries, black pepper, caraway ... On top of this it also undergoes a curing process of around 10-12 weeks.

Germany’s star cooks highly value Pfau's fine smoked ham. Gourmets can immediately notice the difference.
Time for quality.
The result of an appropriate animal life is a meat of the highest quality.
Therefore, we source our Organic beef from the farm Landsberger - which is operated by the brother of Mrs. Pfau.
Even the carefully selected pork meets the strict guidelines for the preparation of our specialties.

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