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Storage tips for the Pfau-smoked meat
Even over a longer period of time to enjoy Sustain.
Quite a bit of the Pfau's precious smoked ham, you can store up to 1 year, unless it is properly stored.

The best ham in a bag in your pantry or in the drinks cellar in the fresh air intake. Alternatively wrapped in parchment paper in the crisper in the refrigerator.

Vacuum packed bacon keeps for 3 months at a temperature of 7° - 12° in this particular camp packaging. Should move in with your vacuum-packed ham air, remove it immediately from the bag.

If you would like your ham is not hard: Cut into portions and freeze.

Sliced ham is best wrapped loosely with parchment paper and eaten as soon as possible. Should be kept on your ham something natural mold, please rinse with salt water and let dry. The same is true for all of our house smoked meat.

We wish you a good Barby.

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